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About Jeff “The Rev” Koller // Afternoon Drive

I was 7 years old reading the baseball scores and pretending to be a radio sports announcer. Scores, stats, standings. Then it was time to pull out that old Beatles 45 rpm record and tell everybody that it was “The Beatles on JAM Radio”. (That was my fictitious station.) I always wanted to be on radio.

THEN-My parents MADE ME take piano lessons when I was around that age. I can never repay them for that because music became my entire life. Playing drums in bands since middle school, I then went on to help form Wakefield in high school. I learned a lot about life and being in a band. Then it was Bad Daddy, Closet Monster, The Glory Holes, Juke Box Zeroes, Rock and Roll Damnation and finally The Ron Keel Band.

That is where I now live my Musical Dream. But in November of ’87 my friend Scott McGuire (S.F. local radio legend) asked me if I would be into doing some shifts on KKRC-FM. It was 93.5 on the dial at that time. Eventually the station would move to 103.7. They were switching from Top 40 to a classic rock format. I said YES!!

I wondered if I could do it. I always wanted to be in radio. Now I had the chance.  I had no broadcast schooling. No experience. Can I do it? The thing is, I WANTED to do it. So I did. Music was my life anyway. This would be the next thing for me. At first I pulled the overnight weekend shifts. That is where the new guys usually get their start. Midnight to 6 am.

The other jocks would ask me questions about who played a certain song, and I seemed to know most of the time. That is when one said “You’re just like the Reverend of R@R”. After I laughed and thought about it, that seemed like a good radio handle. THE REV. That’s how I became The Rev.

As time went on, I started doing other shifts and after a few years working part time I was suddenly the ‘Go To Guy’ whenever help was needed.  Any shift, any time. I could do it.

I was on KKRC/KRRO-FM for 26 years. Mostly ‘live’ in the early years then all prerecorded or voice tracked the last few years. I also did a few years of board operator for tons of Canaries games. College sports, high school games, scoreboard shows, sports talk shows, local sports updates etc.  Also worked a lot on talk radio producing shows too.  But MUSIC is my life.

Then when my old friend Chuck called and said “I am building a radio station focused on the music that you love”, it was a no-brainer for me. I was all in. A 24 hour ‘live’ station that focuses on the music. My type of music. Live radio. I had to jump on it.

I’ve painted houses, worked crap jobs, worked cool jobs, been a stage hand at huge festivals, been lucky to be in some great bands and I worked at the legendary Pomp Room for years.  But this is what I waited for. A cool radio gig on the coolest station anywhere. KBAD 94-5.  Catch me ‘live’ during afternoons 2:30 to 7 pm.

So it all started when I was 7….

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