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About Crazy Frank // Overnights

Some kids want to be astronauts when they grow up.

I wanted to be Dr. Johnny Fever or Wolfman Jack.

It’s quest that has taken me on a radio journey that spans nearly three decades, more than a few crazy girlfriends, and five states.

I’ve wrestled large women in jello, shaved my head, found out the hard way why you should never parachute in sweatpants, crushed multiple hot wing challenges, had an uncomfortable encounter with a man in a dress in a steakhouse parking lot, tried to ride a cow (separate from the jello wrestling incident) and angered many a Country & Western music fan.. and that was just last Wednesday night.

I’m still no Johnny Fever or Wolfman Jack, but I likely have similar cholesterol levels and liver function.

My hobbies include loud bikes, loud music, spicy food and meeting strange characters on the road if life. Imagine how boring The Wizard of Oz would have been if Dorothy had just hitched a cab to see the Wizard?

Life is a journey. Walk in the grass.

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