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Salutations. I go by the super-secret surname of Cade. Stalkers are scary.

The real me was born and raised on the 10,000 lakes and deep within the woods of northern and central Minnesota.

Radio has always been an important part of my life. Growing up in near isolation, it was often the only company available. I’d regularly tune into my local small-town rock station or a catch a baseball broadcast of my beloved Minnesota Twins.

The path to my chosen profession was paved during a junior high school career class.  I secured a week long job-shadow position at a local radio station. After showing great interest, I was soon offered a part-time announcer job for the weekend overnight shift. Not the most glamourous of air shifts, but I was hooked.

I pursued my passion to the University of Minnesota and Brown Broadcasting College in Minneapolis. I was also afforded awesome opportunities both as an intern and later as a part-time talent on a pair of iconic radio brands in the Twin Cities.

I made my way to South Dakota in 1998 and have been rocking the airwaves of Sioux Falls ever since.

Besides spinning rad records, I’m most proud of what radio can offer in the spirit of public service and making a difference in people’s lives. Whether it’s raising money and awareness for a worthy cause or being nothing more than a friend for a lonely soul, I’ve seen firsthand how much radio and the spoken word can matter.

I’ve spent time as a volunteer for the Red Cross including, a stint in New Orleans during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and teaching in the classroom with Junior Achievement. I’m currently a board member of the Sioux Empire Paddlers, a non-profit group with the focus on safety, education and the long term goal of getting a whitewater park built in Sioux Falls.

When you don’t hear me on KBAD, you’ll most often find me spending time with friends and family, kayaking, following sports, building a bonfire or crushing a crossword puzzle.

Listeners often ask what I listen to when I’m not at work. It always depends on my mood, but my favorite bands are Green Day, TOOL and Social D.

Brag time:

I’m most proud of my daughters and dedication to my craft.

Needs improvement:

I wish I was better at knowing song lyrics.

Random fact:

I had many different odd jobs during high school and college. The best one before I landed a real radio gig was being a VIP valet in downtown Minneapolis.

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