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Brooke Foster

About Brooke Foster // Rock Jock

I am originally from Wagner, SD, and moved to Canton in 1983, where I have resided ever since. I worked a few factory jobs before deciding to go to Meyer Vocational Technical School in 1995 and earn a degree in radio.

Music was always a passion of mine growing up, I had my ear to the radio every chance I got and stumping my friends with music trivia was always a blast, and still is. I had worked in radio for over 16 years and decided in 2012 to “retire” from it and spend more time with all my pets.

Not only is music my passion, but rescuing animals is too. I have several cats and dogs, I have rescued over the years. I am married, and have been for almost 15 years. Luckily my husband loves animals as much as I do.

I work full-time at a hospital, in Sioux Falls, part-time at a retail store in Canton, have my own dog/cat grooming business and thought I had enough jobs, when I got a text from Crash, a few weeks before KBAD was to go on the air, and asked if I had any interest in getting back in radio, to which I replied, “Deal me in”, and here I am working at the baddest most kick ass station in the world.

Favorite bands:

LA Guns, U2, Fleetwood Mac, The Doors, Tesla, Britney Fox, Loverboy, Ratt

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