Sioux Falls Loves St. Patrick’s Day

For people new to Sioux Falls or who don’t live here, you wouldn’t think our city knows anything about St. Patty’s Day celebrations, but you’d be wrong!

WalletHub recently released their list of the cities with the best St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, and right there at #19 is Sioux Falls!

We have a few employees that are new to the area, so when Taylor and I talked about doing our show at Shenanigan’s Pub on the morning of March 17th, some thought we’d be sitting there all by ourselves. We knew better as a busload of people from Madison, SD were among the dozens of people waiting in the parking lot for the 8am opening!

Gallon-sized pitchers of green beer were flowing right away along with green eggs & ham breakfast specials and reuben sliders for lunch! Plus live music added to the capacity crowd’s fun with the Neo Johnson’s serenading the KBAD listeners with a cover of a Social Distortion classic live on the air.

The Neo Johnson’s join The Morning Crash on St. Patty’s Day

Sioux Falls loves their celebrations SO much, that it spilled right into Saturday with the annual parade. Taylor, Kris Knight and I were happy to walk the parade route for the literally thousands of people that filled Phillips Avenue downtown on Saturday afternoon!

Next year, think about making a trip to Sioux Falls, SD for St. Patrick’s Day! In 2018 it falls on a Saturday…you may want to take Monday off to recover!

Crash, Kris Knight and Taylor are ready for the parade!