Crash & Taylor’s NCAA Bracket Picks

The Morning Crash wanted to have some fun this year with the NCAA March Madness brackets…
Crash made his picks based on who he thinks will win, while Taylor let her pup, Charlie pick the winning teams.
Who would YOU put money on?

Now that the “Sweet 16” have been secured, here’s how Crash & Charlie stack up:

8 of 16 Remain
– Baylor
– Gonzaga
– Arizona
– Kansas
– Oregon
– Michigan
– North Carolina
– Kentucky
However – his Championship bracket was blown when Villanova lost to Wisconsin.

Charlie (and Taylor)
6 of 16 Remain
– Gonzaga
– Arizona
– Kansas
– North Carolina
– Butler
Charlie COULD still have chosen the overall winner of the tournament! 3 of his final 4 are still in contention!

Crash’s Bracket Picks:

Taylor’s Beagle, Charlie’s Bracket Picks:


Print a copy of this year’s bracket HERE