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THE KBAD WORKFORCE IS BACK!! Our most popular promotion returns! We give you a chance to get on the KBAD Payroll and be a part of our workforce! Every weekday from 7:20am-4:20pm, a new contestant is chosen and you’ll have 9 minutes and 45 seconds to call in and get on the payroll if you hear your name. You’ll earn $94.50 for the hour. If the next person chosen doesn’t call in during the allotted time then you stay on the payroll and earn an additional $94.50! You’re part of the KBAD workforce until we get another winner!

Every winner will also receive a pair of tickets to the Folkens Brothers Silver Shootout at Badlands Motor Speedway on May 13, 2017! KBAD is the only place where you can win these tickets.

This promotion will run from March 20th – May 12th.

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